Xiaomi acknowledges 'WhatsApp Obsolete' issue, here is a fix to resolve it

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Techook Exclusive: Xiaomi takes responsibility for 'WhatsApp Obsolete' issue

WhatsApp has at last revealed another feature for iOS clients where they can play YouTube videos ideal within the texting app itself.

If your friend sends a YouTube link to you on WhatsApp, you will no longer have to move out of the messaging app to watch it. While WhatsApp in a statement did say that it was a problem with how their app was distributed and something that wasn't under their control, there was no word from Xiaomi on this matter. It is also advisable to always install a stable version and not to install beta version of apps on a device unless you are fairly confident of testing and are aware of the risks involved.

WhatsApp has over 200 million monthly active users in India and 1.2 billion users worldwide. We have been contacting Xiaomi regularly since 13th Jan for their take on the whole issue.

According to Techook's report, Xiaomi has issued an official statement taking the responsibility of the "WhatsApp Obsolete" issue and explaining why it happened. The option to update WhatsApp wasn't available on the Play Store. "We apologise for any inconvenience faced by our Mi Fans, and promise to be more vigilant going forward", it added.

The WhatsApp version has been refreshed to the new version on Mi App Store. While Xiaomi has claimed that the issue has been resolved on the Mi App Store, it is advisable to download updates directly from Google Play directly.

Even without the update, some Android users can use both WhatsApp and YouTube simultaneously, but only if their phone offers split-screen functionality. Did you also face this WhatsApp "obsolete" issue on your smartphone?

So, if you are facing the problem on your Xiaomi device, all you need to do is, first uninstall the existing WhatsApp.

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