Street Fighter V Arcade Edition and Sakura DLC launch today

The most popular Street Fighter character is… Sakura

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition – is Sakura your favourite

Arcade Edition not only brings big updates to existing owners, it's also a new retail version for those yet to jump in.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will also contain all of Season 1 and 2 DLC characters. She's the first character from the third season of DLC content, and Capcom put out an exciting launch trailer that showcases all of the changes. It also includes an Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, and the aforementioned new V-Triggers.

"Arcade Edition" is out now, and fans, as well as gaming news outlets, are wasting no time in breaking down the latest update from Capcom. The only things you aren't getting are the characters from season one and two, that are reserved to those who buy the shiny new package. Each chapter will include characters from that title, and there will be an online leaderboard that will show how players complete the paths.

To download the launch trailer and other assets for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, go to the Capcom Press Center. Each story will represent a main Street Fighter title starting from the first game. In order to introduce more variety in each match, all characters will receive a second V-Trigger you can choose before the match begins!

Team Battle Mode - A local mode in which players can set up teams to play against friends or against the CPU.

And more - The game will also include an all new Gallery to view the unlockable Arcade Mode illustrations, Sound option (to listen to stage background music, character themes, and more tunes), redesigned UI, and 3D Costume Previews.

The new edition is very well received overall by users, earning it a 9.5 score on Metacritic, although there are not enough critic reviews to give the game an overall Metacritic score as of this time.

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