Dylan Farrow To Address Woody Allen Allegations In First TV Interview

The famed director has always denied the allegations and has continued to enjoy a glittering career

The famed director has always denied the allegations and has continued to enjoy a glittering career

Allen has repeatedly denied all accusations.

A growing number of actors have distanced themselves from Allen and his next film, especially in light of the industry becoming newly sensitive to allegations of sexual misconduct. "I have not worked for him again, and I will not work for him again". Farrow replied. "Why shouldn't I be angry?"

"Why shouldn't I want to bring him down?" she told the CBS programme This Morning.

"When I was 7 years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house", Farrow told Gayle King in an interview to be aired on CBS This Morning Thursday.

"I am credible and I am telling the truth and I think it's important that people realise that one victim, one accuser, matters", she says. In an open letter published in the New York Times in 2014, Farrow brought the allegations.

It now appears that many in Hollywood are listening to, and believing, Dylan and Ronan.

Over the last few weeks, several actors including Rebecca Hall and Timothee Chalamet have donated the whole of their salaries earned while shooting for the acclaimed director to charities like the Time's Up campaign to fight sexual harassment.

"I see not only how complicated this matter is, but that my actions have made another woman feel silenced and dismissed", she said.

Matters came to a head on Tuesday when Timothee Chalamet, 22, star of Allen's latest venture, A Rainy Day in NY, announced he was donating his fee to organisations fighting sexual abuse: "I don't want to profit from my work on the film".

"We are in a day and age when everything must be re-examined".

Actor Alec Baldwin voiced his support for Allen on Tuesday, taking to Twitter to defend the director.

Now, Farrow has given her first interview about her allegations against her adoptive father, news.com.au reports. A fan commented on a photo posted on Monday by the star's mother, Mandy Teefey, suggesting she make her daughter apologise for working with Allen.

Chalamet and Hall's statements came one month after Farrow questioned in an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times why Allen had been spared similar scrutiny of his past actions.

Prosecutors did not charge him over the allegations, which he claims had been fabricated by his former partner Mia Farrow.

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