Wenger plans for life post-Sanchez

Video and words for Arsenal fans' Arsene Wenger song to the tune of Only Fools and Horses

Some Arsenal fans have created a brilliant song for Arsene Wenger

Nothing is ever quite as it seems when an unsettled Arsenal star is being offered a way out of the Emirates Stadium by both Manchester City and Manchester United, so we should never have expected Alexis Sanchez's escape route to be without twists and turns.

The Arsenal boss said: "I had many conversations about him and we talked about the fact that people are always observing you with a microscope when you're on a short-term contract, but I've never questioned his professional attitude when he's on the football pitch". We build a squad with this idea, this philosophy I share with the club's owners.

How many times Sanchez will have the opportunity to show that commitment to Arsenal is unknown.

Now, I can understand the Jack Wilshere situation.

When asked if United were interested in signing the 29- year-old Chilean global, who is out of contract at the end of the season, Wenger said "nothing is really concrete at the moment".

Sanchez now has to decide whether to join City this month, wait until the end of the season and move as a free agent, or take the huge windfall on offer and join United now.

"They're both back for us on the training pitch so we're pleased with that but we'll have to make a late decision on whether they will play". United's interest does not appear to be making the league leaders falter in their stance. "The only word I can say is the same that everybody says - he's a phenomenal player".

"I'm focused on Liverpool, believe me".

Stone and Ornstein pointed out how the Gunners want a fee of £35 million for their best player, even though his contract expires this summer. After all, they were determined not to pay over the odds for Kyle Walker last summer but, when it came to the crunch, they stumped up to sign the defender from Tottenham.

With Danny Welbeck never looking like he's going on a prolific run, Alex Iwobi attracting the wrong headlines and Alexandre Lacazette going eight games without a goal, things don't look particularly promising on that front. I wish them good luck because they are going to need it.

"It gives a lot of tranquillity and takes away any kind of pressure from the guy that comes behind you".

"In the big clubs you have a choice: you reduce the number of players and you increase the wages, trying to fight with the massive clubs", Wenger said.

When asked about Sanchez, he said: "I don't answer".

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