Trump not to re-impose sanctions on Iran

Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani

People the U.S. sanctioned on Friday include Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani, the head of Iran's judiciary whose brother, Ali Larijani, leads Iran's parliament.

In particular, placing judiciary chief Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani on the sanctions list "crossed all red lines of conduct in the worldwide community. and the government of the United States will bear responsibility for all the consequences of this hostile move".

"The Trump administration's policy announced today sets impossible standards that would ultimately isolate the United States rather than isolating the regime in Tehran", he said. "We are targeting the Iranian regime, including the head of Iran's judiciary, for its appalling mistreatment of its citizens, including those imprisoned exclusively for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly, and for censoring its own people as they stand up in protest against their government".

"A wide range of countries have become targets of the US sanctions", Ryabkov said. These areas fall outside the scope of the nuclear deal.

But Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the 2015 deal could not be renegotiated.

The changes Trump has demanded include immediate inspections at all sites requested by the International Atomic Energy Agency; ensuring that Iran never even comes close to possessing a nuclear weapon; automatic resumption of United States sanctions if Iran does not comply and Iran's development and testing of missiles should be subject to severe sanctions.

"Our worst expectations are coming true", Ryabkov said Saturday. The argument for staying in, the official said, was to allow time to toughen the terms of the agreements.

Mr Larijani is among 14 individuals and entities that were designated on Friday to be sanctioned by the administration for human rights abuses, censorship in Iran and for providing support to Iranian weapons proliferators. The Treasury Department also designated two Iranian defense industry firms that provide key maintenance and overhaul services for the military's helicopter and aircraft. Those mainly targeted Iranian defense officials, as well as a China-based network the United States says is supporting Iran's missile program.

The White House said earlier this week it was "deeply concerned" at the number of arrests the Iranian government had made against people "engaging in peaceful protests".

But Trump, who must meet regular deadlines to endorse the deal every 90 days and approve sanctions waivers every 120 and 180 days, has railed against the agreement.

In a statement following the signing of the waivers, Trump laid out four conditions that must be met, including increased inspections, ensuring "Iran never even comes close to possessing a nuclear weapon", and that there be no expiry date to the nuke deal.

Trump has constantly criticized the pact inked between the six world powers, namely China, Russia, Britain, France, the United States and Germany, and Iran in 2015, in which the West promised to relieve sanctions on Tehran in exchange for a halt in Iran's efforts to develop a nuclear weapon.

In short, Trump's pedigree in real estate negotiation is being used to try to recast one of the most complex and geopolitically vital documents on the planet, Paton Walsh said.

"They should not do business with groups that enrich Iran's dictatorship or fund the [IRGC] and its terrorist proxies", said Trump. It is hard to imagine how Tehran would take European demands for changing the deal seriously when those players know the demands come under duress.

Under JCPOA, the US relaxed a ban on imports of Iranian luxury goods, such as carpets and caviar, but most USA restrictions on trade with and investment with Iran remain in place, according to the CRS report.

The United States is the only party that has threatened to scrap the deal, a stance that has been confronted by other participants.

The officials notably did not say that Trump expected the other two nations party to the deal - Russian Federation and China - to join in the revision of the deal.

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