Trump gives Iran nuclear deal 'last chance' to fix 'terrible flaws'

US President Donald Trump                  REUTERS  Carlos Barria

US President Donald Trump REUTERS Carlos Barria

Those hit by the sanctions include: Iranian judiciary chief Sadegh Amoli Larijani; the Rajaee Shahr Prison and its director, Gholamreza Ziaei; the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Electronic Warfare and Cyber Defense Organization; Iran's Supreme Council of Cyberspace and National Cyberspace Center; Malaysia-based Green Wave Telecommunication and its Iranian director Morteza Razavi; and the Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company and Iran Aircraft Industries.

The U.S. Treasury Department has sanctioned 14 companies and individuals in Iran and China - in connection with alleged human rights violations and weapons proliferation.

Iranian foreign ministry says it will not accept any changes to nuclear deal after Trump's latest threat to withdraw.

Zarif responded on Twitter that the deal was not renegotiable and that Trump's stance "amounts to desperate attempts to undermine a solid multilateral agreement". These sanctions are not related to the nuclear deal, but some of them are a result of the new wave of protests in Iran.

Iran, too, has been abundantly clear that it will not renegotiate the deal. Had he sanctioned the bank, there was speculation that Iran would view the deal as effectively abrogated.

This latest statement is a response to Trump's move Friday to sign a waiver extending the deal for another 90 days, which he referred to as a "last chance" to fix "disastrous flaws" in the agreement.

Republican Senator Bob Corker said "significant progress" had been made on bipartisan congressional legislation to address "flaws in the agreement without violating US commitments".

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Senior US administration officials said on Friday that President Trump will waive nuclear sanctions against Iran for the last time and demand a follow-on agreement with European partners as well as an amendment to US law linked to the Iran nuclear deal. He also wants Tehran's ballistic missile program to be addressed. "My policy is to deny Iran all paths to a nuclear weapon - not just for 10 years, but forever", Trump said.

The EU said in a statemen t on Friday that it had taken note of Trump's decision and would assess its implications. JCPOA (the nuclear deal) is not renegotiable: "rather than repeating exhausted rhetoric, U.S. must bring itself into full compliance - just like Iran", Zarif also wrote on his Twitter account.

Russian Federation has said Washington would be making a grave mistake by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, adding that Moscow would work hard to keep the landmark agreement alive.

The waiver he will sign suspends United States sanctions on Iran for another 120 days.The White House wants European Union signatories to agree permanent restrictions on Iran's uranium enrichment.

"However, if the "adults in the room" prevailed this time and kept Trump from exiting the deal, there remains hope they will prevail in the end", he added. He wants to require more robust inspections of nuclear facilities.

US presidents, under existing American law, must waive the sanctions every few months to prevent them from causing Iran to declare the nuclear pact violated and simply walk away to resume pursuit of an atomic arsenal.

Washington policy hawks hailed Trump's decision, which they said would concentrate minds in Europe, where leaders have urged the United States president not to sabotage a deal they see as a landmark diplomatic success.

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