Toyota Adds Amazon Alexa, Android Auto Adds Google Assistant

The closest any of us here has ever been to a Maserati

The closest any of us here has ever been to a Maserati

Other manufacturers announced their own smart speaker products running the Google Assistant, or at least plans to adopt it.

Recent reports have revealed that this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) might be turning out to be an all-out war between Google and Amazon in terms of their respective voice assistants.

The tech major presently provides 3 Home gadgets namely the Home Max, the original Home, and the Home Mini.

What is more exciting to hear is that Amazon has expressed its intentions to extend the Alexa technology to wearables and fitness devices and beyond. The Smart Display has builtin Google Assistant to get things done. The company has launched the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit to make its new development possible and ultimately broaden the reach of Alexa - taking on Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana. Devices that have so far been featured include JBL and LG, who have each boasted the newest smart speakers in the market. More companies seem to be equipping their products to fit in with the various internet of things (IoT) ecosystems out there, or are creating their own. In the home speaker segment also, Alexa-based devices sell around 70% in the USA market, leaving the rest to be divided among the other players. YouTube, Google Photos, Duo for video chat - they'll all be featured in each of the smart displays that come to market.

Both the variants of Lenovo's new Smart Display carry a different price tag.

Huffman explained that the incoming smart displays will have the smart assistant built in. In the smart home of the future, you'll be able to interact with your appliances and devices using only your voice. The 8-inch model comes with a soft matte finish, while the 10-inch version can be customized with a bamboo finish. Regarding the device specifications LG hasn't spoken a lot.

So folks, that's what all about the new Smart Display from Lenovo powered by Google Assistant. Do share your thoughts and opinions on this. From tracking your baby's help to keeping track of your cryptocurrency assets, the Assistant does so much more than merely telling the weather, which is 95% of users' favorite party trick.

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