The biggest TV and home entertainment news from CES 2018

LG OLED Canyon Impresses CES Crowds

The biggest TV and home entertainment news from CES 2018

It's modular and can be configured however you like at its biggest, 6 feet by 10 feet.

The newly revealed LG television is very much in the news as the Korean firm is boasting so much about its huge display.

More impressive, though, is the fact that Samsung's set is modular. The version shown has the display on a glass substrate, but it will likely be moved onto plastic before it becomes a commercial product, which representatives said was probably two to three years from now. This comes in handy for consumer applications because each household has varying restrictions on the viewable area on their walls.

While this software is embedded in its new flagship 85-inch Q9S, Samsung says it will launch more 8K TVs with the technology in the second half of this year. And doing so won't compromise the display's quality, according to Samsung. What's more, an early report by CNET states that the seams between modules isn't visible, unlike other modular large form factor displays.

The proprietary LG OLED technology is designed to deliver perfect blacks thanks to its ability to turn each pixel on or completely off

The technology underlying The Wall is quite interesting. It does seem like a technology that we'll see in future devices, and could even replace OLED as the hot display technology, as MicroLED doesn't have the same burn-in shortcomings.

MicroLED has some similarities to OLED. This can be a problem for OLED screens as, unlike LCD displays which have own backlight, the light for an OLED screen is created by the pixels themselves - which, in the case of an 8K display, are tiny. Perhaps MicroLED can get brighter; Samsung hasn't specified yet. Furthermore, just as is the case with OLED, the pixels (any one of several million of them inside a micro LED 4K TV bar) can turn off or on completely on an individual basis for ideal scene dimming and bright highlights. In this age of AI and machine learning, the company has just made one of its TVs a whole lot smarter, if the company is to be believed.

LG Display also debuted an 88-inch 8K television with an OLED display. Samsung didn't say how all the pieces come together, but the set looked pretty seamless in person. LG is also upping the game with an 8K TV that automatically upgrades content to a higher resolution than the current 4K standard.

But at a press conference held on Monday at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, the message, tightly woven into the introduction of new refrigerators, a new laptop designed with Note lovers at heart and a revamped line of televisions and screens, was on the creation of a network for the future.

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