Nintendo announces Nintendo Direct Mini, watch it here

January 2018 Nintendo Direct Mini Covers Upcoming Switch Games

Kirby Star Allies shows off plenty of new (and returning) features

Furthermore, it is also possible for the gaming company to launch Dark Souls: Remastered. Meanwhile, the popular baseball and soccer games also haven't seen a release in around a decade during the Wii era.

Super Mario Odyssey is getting a free update that adds a new post-game online mode. The game will be hitting the Switch on March 16th.

Runner3 is the latest entry in the Bit.Trip series.

Nintendo's 2018 lineup may not be quite as strong as those AAA titles, however, and some of the games already have been released either for the Wii U or on other platforms.

"When the main character Neku suddenly encounters the mysterious girl Shiki, he gets caught up in a deadly game".

Nintendo's success with the Switch can be credited in part to the popularity of Mario and Zelda's signature character Link.

Nintendo today held a Direct Mini that everyone had been expecting since EA internal documents leaked mid-December.

Payday 2 had a short video sequence introducing a Nintendo Switch exclusive LED mask for Joy when it arrives on February 27th. So, get ready to punish some angels and demons with melee attacks and gunplay. The Nintendo Direct, which has been called a Nintendo Direct Mini, came with a ton of updates on known games and a pretty big reveal! As of this writing, there's still no confirmation on how many players can join the matches. The game is being given the subtitle Final Remix and was a vague 2018 release window.

However, the rest of the direct was somewhat of a port palooza, with Nintendo revealing four ports.

There's a release date for Kirby Star Allies (16th March), and an announcement for Mario Tennis Aces. All the coins you earn during the demo will be transferred to the full game when the game gets released on 3DS. The mini-game has two different modes the hide it mode and the find it mode.

Aaron Greenberg says that Xbox One recorded its best December ever, outpacing PlayStation 4 sales in December, but Switch did even better, selling more than the Microsoft console and PS4 combined, always limited to the American market. What Nintendo did confirm is that the game is being developed by one of its long-time sports developers Camelot.

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