Mario Tennis Aces Announced for Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls Remastered will be announced today

Dark Souls 1 Reportedly Being Remastered for Multiple Platforms

The best thing about Nintendo Switch is that it can be used as a home console and also as a handheld console, so expectations from a new Fire Emblem game are obviously high. It also gives the large number of us who missed out on the Wii U a chance to play these games, which is nice because Nintendo released some excellent titles for its ultimately doomed console.

The story mode will include a host of single-player missions and boss battles, as well as new gameplay tweaks. Lastly, Super Mario Odyssey will be getting a free update which adds a new competitive Balloon Hunt mode, new cosmetic items and a handful of extra photo filters.

With several reports leading up to the heavily-rumored January Direct, many of us were fully prepared for Nintendo to come out swinging with a solid set of reveals to get us hyped for Switch in 2018.

Switch owners will get to experience the gut-wrenching frustration and - perhaps, if they're persistent - the glory of overcoming the odds in "Dark Souls" when it launches on the Switch this May for $40. Another platformer, Matt Makes Games' Celeste, will let you climb risky mountains on February 27.

The wait between exclusive game launches has been more consistent in the first year of the Switch.

The game, which debuted on the Nintendo DS way back in 2007, has a loyal following due to its fresh style.

Nintendo will need a big, original game for late 2018, and our money is on Animal Crossing. This Wii U game has been hailed as the best Donkey Kong platformer in a long time, and now Switch players will be able to play a new mode as Funky Kong starting May 4.

Two other big exclusives were announced past year but have yet to be dated, bringing Fire Emblem and a new Yoshi title to Switch.

Even with the Xbox One selling more consoles in December 2017 than it ever has before, though, it was still outperformed by the Nintendo Switch.

Most surprising of all, Nintendo seems to understand how to release DLC without making anyone angry.

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