Would you support a second European Union referendum?

Nigel Farage thinks Brexit could still be reversed

Farage thinks the vote could be reversed

Mr Farage told Channel 5's The Wright Stuff a fresh vote could "kill off" the Remain campaign for a generation.

The former UKIP boss has regained the political limelight this week after appearing to call for a second referendum on Britain and the EU.

That was the general verdict of the county's MPs as the United Kingdom reacted to suggestions from Brexit champion that he may support a second referendum on the issue.

The revelations came after Mr Farage was blasted by top Brexiteers, including those within his own party, over his remarks on a second referendum.

Mr Farage and Mr Bennett have previously clashed over comments Mr Bennett made while campaigning for election to the Welsh Assembly in 2016, while Mr Farage was still UKIP leader.

During a debate about Brexit on the Channel 5 program, Mr Farage said: "What is for certain is that the [Nick] Cleggs, the [Tony] Blairs, the [Lord] Adonises will never ever, ever, give up". They will go on whingeing and whining and moaning all the way through this process. "If the people voted a second time to leave the European Union, you would still fight to overturn that".

"The percentage that would vote to leave would be very much bigger than last time and we may just finish the whole thing off and Blair could disappear into total obscurity". His UKIP colleagues did not agree: No, no, no!

Europhiles seized on the remarks, which Mr Farage later backtracked on, hailing them as a "game changer" in their crusade to keep Britain in the EU. But the other side of the Brexit debate were more enthusiastic.

Sittingbourne and Sheppey MP Gordon Henderson said: "I have always been a great supporter and admirer of Nigel Farage but I am becoming slowly less warm now that he has become a caricature of himself to get attention. It is about implementing the democratically expressed wishes of the British people in a serious and sensible way".

The Guardian that Mr Farage will now pay back £35,500 (€40,000) through having his salary withheld, after auditors concluded he had indeed misspent the funds.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Farage said he was "53, separated and skint", saying there was "no money in politics". "There may well be one last dramatic battle that will take place in all this".

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