Samsung begins mass production of 2nd-generation HBM2 memory

Samsung Aquabolt HBM2

Samsung announces world's fastest 8GB HBM2 design

Samsung's figures for the Aquabolt are nothing but impressive: 307 GBps data bandwidth for a single package and 1.2 TBps in a system that uses four 2nd-generation HBM2 packages.

In accommodating the growing need for high-performance HBM2 DRAM, Samsung will supply Aquabolt to its global IT customers at a stable pace, and continue to rapidly advance its memory technology in conjunction with leading OEMs throughout a wide array of fields including supercomputing, artificial intelligence, and graphics processing.

The 8-Hi stacks might sounds weird, but when there's 4 of them on a graphics card we're looking at 32GB of HBM2.

The successor to the groundbreaking first generation "Flarebolt", the Samsung Aquabolt HBM2 will deliver a whopping 2.4 gigabits per second (Gbps) of memory per pin, making it the industry's fastest DRAM performance and paving the way for even faster calculations on the latest supercomputers, AI solutions and enabling even more powerful graphics cards to come out on the market. As for bandwidth, we're looking at around 300MBps per pin, which on a 1024-bit memory bus should provide around 307GB/sec per package, times 4 bringing us to a insane 1.2TB/sec of memory bandwidth.

Samsung announced today that is has started mass producing the next iteration of its 8GB High Memory Bandwidth Memory-2 (HBM2) memory transfer solution "Samsung Aquabolt HBM2".

Behind the advancement in HBM2 generations is, of course, some interesting science.

How did the company achieve this?

To achieve Aquabolt's unprecedented performance, Samsung has applied new technologies related to TSV design and thermal control.

A single 8GB HBM2 package, for example, consists of eight 8Gb HBM2 dies that are vertically interconnected using over 5,000 TSVs per die.

Aside from improvements in bandwidth speeds, Samsung Electronics' new HBM2 module is also fitted with an "additional protective layer" at the bottom of the package to increase its physical strength.

Blows my mind, really.

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