'Raw water' is now a health trend, because of course it is

A section of people in the US is now drinking 'expensive' ground water - and it's not healthy

Raw Water Is Water For Rich Idiots

Shocking but true- All other filtered and even bottled spring waters are sterilized with UV light, ozone gas, and a sub micron filter. "On top of that they're putting in fluoride".

Doug Evans, an entrepreneur whose original startup Juicero shut down in September, got an idea after going on a 10-day cleanse drinking only "raw" water at Burning Man.

The company transports and stores the raw water in refrigerated facilities to protect the healthy probiotics present in the water.

The fact that people are voluntarily forgoing treated water was met with concern, horror and shock on social media. While Live Water says it provides a convenient and efficient system for people who prefer to have their water delivered, they do advocate people collecting their own spring water as the best choice. You can sip it through a filter, run it through a purification system, add chemical water purification tablets, or boil it for one minute.

Sure, some people might be anxious about drinking tap water but hello, we're not living in the 1800s - Britta filter has been out for years. "Spring water and mountain stream water may look pure, but it can be contaminated with things like bacteria and viruses". (Ars Technica reports that the microbiology studies they cite don't support their claims and that "t$3 here is plenty of data showing that fluoride improves dental health, but none showing water-based mind control.") Don't drink it, ok? "Bottled water's controversial. We've curtailed our water selection".

He is not wrong about the low level contamination by antibiotics and hormones found in some tap water, and obviously Flint, Michigan demonstrated that one can not always rely on the government to deliver fresh water.

Recently, a flurry of startups has sprung up which supply "raw" water to people at expensive rates.

Raw water has its skeptics.

Live Water boasts on its website about microbes and how their raw water "is the key to unlocking a flawless micro-biome balance" in relation to ailments linked to the imbalance of good gut bacteria. Raw water may contain carcinogenic elements that have made their way into the water source, high levels of arsenic, and more. Well, if you're to listen to the founder of Live Water, it sounds as though Big Water is just using good ol' tap juice as an easy opportunity to keep you under their control. He told the New York Times that "real water" should also expire after a few months.

While "raw water" may be sweeping Silicon Valley, there are clearly safer alternatives for those who don't want to drink traditional tap water. "Now is that because I saw it come off the roof, and anything from the roof feels special?"

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