Patriots Injury Report: Who's in, who's out against Titans?

Rob Gronkowski

Patriots Opponent Profile: Titans Are No Simple Speed Bump En Route To AFC Championship

The Patriots have won two of their three playoff games since 2001 against negative point-differential teams; once again, it's the Giants to throw a wrench into the theorem thanks to their win in Super Bowl XLVI.

The Titans and Patriots Kickoff at 5:15 pm Pacific Time Saturday on CBS.

The Patriots would prefer to keep Mariota in the pocket and make him beat them with his arm. Now you put everything that you have into this one-game season. Everybody tries to stop these guys, and it's a chore to try and do that. They're just looking to run. So he is a dual threat, and a tough guy to cover. And that won't matter. "Divisional round, and I'm glad we earned the chance to be here [with a home game] to do it and we've just got to go take care of business". I really wouldn't know anything.

Though both players now are in unfamiliar territory, they said the win-or-go-home stakes haven't altered their preparation for Saturday.

A better topic of discussion came from Titans safety Kevin Byard who stated openly that he wanted to make Brady look like Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles. "I've just been studying the film day in, day out". But he is definitely physical. Some were small (Tyrod Taylor), some were big (Ben Roethlisberger), some were Supermen (Cam Newton) and some were Saints (Drew Brees).

Their red-zone defense is probably one of the tops in the NFL. They do a lot of different things, whether it's their fronts, whether it's their schemes and their coverages. "We show up to work and try to do the best we can do", he said. So, as close as we are, that's not going to change, and he's going to compete and be the same way. There's a reason I've been able to do what I've been able to do.

But after pointing out a few of the holes in the episodes that he watched - Belichick is nearly entirely absent, and the Garoppolo and Guerrero affairs do not get a single mention - Leibovich gave the series a thumbs up as "pure candy for football geeks, celebrity lifestyle voyeurs and pretty much any N.F.L. enthusiast curious about one of sports' more enigmatic superstars". That's what you want to do - be consistently good and win consistently. The team's really relying on you. So as much as I don't pay attention to it, it is in my face.

That was enough to make Harmon think. "So, we know we're going to have to be ready to fix the mistakes that we might have had against those mobile quarterbacks".

Though he has now surpassed his idol and San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana, who won four Super Bowl titles, debate still remains as to who is the greatest quarterback of all time, Montana having never lost on the biggest stage while Brady has tasted defeat twice. This is people watching the flawless storm of individuals together on this dynasty, and people want to throw a wrench in it. They're good, as I said, in all three phases of the game.

Get all of that, and who knows? I might be 100 percent right.

"I've always had a lot of admiration with the way he plays, so it'd be hard for him to be more than I'd expect him to be", LeBeau said. Did you say 80?

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