Life Time ditches cable news in gyms for "family-oriented environment"



The big-screen TVs in the gyms will show US, A&E, Discovery Channel, HGTV, ESPN and local stations, the Pioneer Press reported.

While the screens were in view of all in fitness areas, audio could only be heard through earphones.

"Who are these faceless people that all of a sudden have huge sway over changing a policy at Life Time Fitness without member input, consent or even fair warning?" Local news is still allowed.

The Minnesota-based chain, which has sprawling facilities in Roseville and Folsom, is no longer showing cable news over their wall-mounted TVs, as first reported by the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

But another person on the Star Tribune's Facebook page wrote that it's "really frustrating to watch the news while you're trying to work out and have to be distracted by everything, especially if you already stay informed and are working out to release stress and tension".

Life Time Fitness, a Minnesota-based gym chain, has made a decision to eliminate all national cable network news stations from the TV screens at its 128 fitness centers in the USA and Canada. "So, I don't understand the complaints".

Miller wanted to get back to watching the news, per usual.

Some personal TV screens built into the clubs' cardio machines have the ability to display cable news channels, Bushaw told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Life Time plans to make these available at all stations by the end of February. "I think they're looking out for everybody's well-being and truly thinking about the words that they say as a brand".

Various fitness center operators continue to offer a full range of telecast options, with no effort to block certain types of programming.

McCall Gosselin, a spokeswoman for fitness chain Planet Fitness, said the issue had "never come up". Others called foul on the change, with one member pointing out that the remaining channels air programming that is not family-oriented and another claiming that "adults can handle the news". There is a specific radio channel for members' private listening.

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