India Willoughby first star evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

CBB 2018: Housemates get stuck into first shopping task

Celebrity Big Brother's India Willoughby Stuns Housemates With Alien Abduction Claim

India left Celebrity Big Brother building to applause and cheers from the CBB audience, after losing the public vote to Love Island star Jonny Mitchell. But legally I do have to say, Tom Reed Wilson everyone!'

"I had so much more to offer but that's the way the cookie crumbles".

In scenes to air tonight, a sheepish India admits in the Diary Room she's cringing looking back on her behaviour.

Attempting to explain photos of her with drag artists, India said: "
I was paid to do an event previous year and some drag queens were there.

Widdecombe said: "And women have done some terrible things to men... there is now such a lot of whimpery and complaints about trivia and snowflakery".

As fellow housemate Rachel Johnson discussed the movement with Shane J - who arrived on the show as drag queen Courtney Act - Widdecombe interrupted the pair.

India replied: "I don't think so". But Shane I'm cool with and I think it's because I know who's behind the exterior, ' she said. My tactics were all over the place.

Big Brother then asked whether he sees Courtney and Andrew as two different people.

India reflected on how she could have improved her time in the house during both of her interviews, saying: "I was fatally wounded in terms of the game of Big Brother". I love the experience ... but did I give my best show?

'Where as now it was odd for me because you hit that moment but then you get, like, a little bit extra'.

India concluded with the theory she believed it was martians who had abducted her.

'He's the most popular person in the house, he's the star of the show. The fun side, if you get my meaning'.

"It's the confusion thing that really irritates me and I still feel like that shouldn't be around", she said.

Celebrity Big Brother bosses are set to introduce a brand new (never seen before) task for the "Year of the Woman" season - and it involves children entering the house.

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