In a first, women in Saudi Arabia attend a soccer match

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In a first, women in Saudi Arabia attend a soccer match

Women were allowed to attend a football match for the first time ever in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, has been hailed as the face of these changes.

The decision to allow females into stadiums is part of several reforms being made by Saudi Arabia, which will allow females to drive for the first time ever starting in June.

But even segregated as they were, their presence in the stadium marked a significant moment for the Kingdom.

Following the opening in Jeddah, the stadium in Riyadh will open its doors to women on Saturday, followed by the western city of Dammam on Thursday. The structure of the stadium accommodated the segregation with women-only auto parks and separate entrances for the female spectators.

As the two teams al-Ahli and al-Batin faced each other in the city of Jeddah, women showed up to their first public sporting event in the Kingdom to support the sides with their spouses, children and friends.

The so-called "family sections" were created to keep women separated from the male-only crowds, while the stadium was also fitted with female prayer areas and restrooms.

Despite the landmark development for women's freedom, less than half of the "family section" was filled.

In a one-off, the stadium in Riyadh allowed.

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