Here's the Latest on Trump's DACA Legal Battle

NATION-NOW     Trump clears up his immigration position A border wall must be part of any DACA deal     
       Trump clarifies DACA bill must include wall

NATION-NOW Trump clears up his immigration position A border wall must be part of any DACA deal Trump clarifies DACA bill must include wall

House Republicans introduced their version of an immigration bill to address the so-called Dreamers while also providing border security.

"I'm not sure what the next step will be", Durbin told reporters.

During a meeting with congressional leaders Tuesday at the White House, Trump endorsed a two-step approach to immigration reform. "It's a bipartisan proposal which we've worked on for four months in the Senate, and I don't know what happens next".

On Tuesday, Trump said an immigration deal could be reached in two phases - first by addressing young immigrants and border security with what he called a "bill of love", then by making comprehensive changes that have long eluded Congress.

"Transcripts of the President are released as prepared by career employees in the White House stenographer's office".

Quiñonez who traveled to Washington December to meet with lawmakers says Dreamers will continue to pressure Democratic congress members to use their leverage around the spending deal that must pass by the end of next week.

The proposal presented by the bipartisan Gang of Six was a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children - beyond just those who were enrolled in DACA when it ended, according to lawmakers and sources familiar with the meeting. He also called for ending the diversity visa lottery, a State Department program that gives residents of nations with few migrants coming to the US a chance for a green card, and for ending family-based migration (called "chain migration" by its opponents) that allows extended family members of immigrants already in the USA legally to come to the well.

"There are scores of Republicans who have shifted their position to follow the president", said Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

Trump's comments came hours after he was updated by his administration's top economic and trade advisers on the progress of those negotiations and the administration's trade actions more broadly.

"You could take out of it whatever you wanted because he said so many contradictory things in the span of 55 minutes", he says.

The supporters of the bill, who include Bob Goodlatte and Puerto Rico's Raul Labrador, unveiled it at a press conference on Wednesday.

The agreement among senators came as more than 100 corporate CEOs urged Congress to "act immediately and pass a permanent bipartisan legislative solution to enable Dreamers who are now living, working, and contributing to our communities to continue doing so". "We need permanent legislation". It is also not clear whether a deal struck by the six senators in the working group would get support from the rest of the chamber, the White House or more conservative House.

Alsup disagreed, ruling DACA is legal and ordered DHS to restart the program, which is scheduled to come to an end March 5 unless Trump and Congress can find a compromise for renewing it. So if a DACA fix is going to pass, it may happen in a very rare circumstance where most of the votes in the House come from the minority party, the Democrats, which means Democratic leaders are going to have to round up votes from members who oppose Trump's border wall and numerous proposed changes to the legal immigration process.

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