He said God wanted him to confess to 25-year-old killing

All three suspects were taken to jail by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. They face charges of burglary and robbery

All three suspects were taken to jail by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. They face charges of burglary and robbery

Hawkins also named 46-year-old Shanna Culver and her brother 45-year-old Curtis Culver as accomplices.

Brian Hawkins told KRCR of Redding that he and two accomplices robbed and killed 19-year-old Frank Wesley McAlister, whose slaying was unsolved for almost 25 years. "I know the wrong can't be changed but this is the closest I can come to doing the right thing".

Hawkins, according to police, told investigators this week that back in 1993, he and the Culvers learned that McAlister had just received some insurance settlement money, and that he wanted to use some of it to buy methamphetamine, and then sell the drugs for profit. The trio was booked in the Shasta County jail.

KRCR-TV reported that police said one of the Culvers has also confessed, but declined to specify which one.

Hawkins told officials he and Curtis Culver stabbed McAllister to death, and dumped his body in the woods in rural, mountainous Shasta County. "The trio then took his money and vehicle and drove back to Redding, abandoning the victim's vehicle". Police now believe his death resulted from a cat-fishing robbery gone awry.

During his TV interview Tuesday, Hawkins, wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt and camouflage trousers and clasping a can of cola, declined to give details about the killing. He hung his head and spoke about the years during which he was consumed with guilt.

Horrible, horrible, horrible, absolute horror, absolutely horrible since that day. Later that day, the vehicle was found outside a Costco in Redding, with blood on the car's exterior and interior, police said. "Frank never got to have a life, but we were teenagers and now I'm 44 and still haven't even had a life and now most likely won't anyway".

Now he wants redemption as a born-again.

"I've been through hell my whole life because of this", Hawkins told the station through tears, saying that he even reached out to McAlister's family a year ago.

Expressing his remorse, Hawkins maintained in the televised interview that he lost his life as well after committing the murder.

He said that previous year he reached out to McCalister's family.

He said wanted to ask McAlister's family for forgiveness, but by the time he reached out, the victim's father had died.

Hawkins said it was God that motivated him to come forward.

Hawkins and the Culvers were arrested and charged with the murder of McAlister.

"It was a cold case, unsolved murder".

Before leaving the television station, Hawkins said he was no longer running from his past.

The station told law enforcement officials that they would not report the story until its journalists could corroborate what Hawkins told them. "I just need someone that cares".

Investigators said that Hawkins' confession was their first big break in the case.

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