Google will launch new touchscreen based Smart Speakers powered by Google Assistant

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Lenovo has announced the Lenovo Smart Display with built in Google Assistant at the at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Google Assistant on smart displays can do a ton of the traditional assistant stuff: show you your photos and calendar, give you directions, recipes, and do video conferencing.

Google is stepping up its AI virtual assistant game by bringing its Assistant to a host of third-party devices - including smart displays, speakers, and more. On looks alone, the larger Smart Display fits the best into Google's in-house line of smart speakers.

The Lenovo Smart Display has all the Google goodies, including Google Maps and YouTube.

The addition of these smart displays will help Google keep pace with Amazon when it comes to widespread acceptance and use of its Assistant, but the company isn't stopping there. It's going to start calling the commands you bark at Google Assistant "actions".

The rise of Amazon's voice assistant, which is used for playing music and answering questions, threatens Google's core business if consumers increasingly turn to smart speakers instead of search engines to find information.

But with a display, the Google Assistant gets amplified. Google further said that Smart displays from JBL, Lenovo, LG will be based on the Qualcomm SD624 Home Hub Platform and the one from Sony will be based on the MediaTek MT8173 SoM.

So, what are these smart displays?

Google Assistant is even coming to higher-end speakers - Klipsch has introduced two new speakers with Google Assistant enabled. However, while we didn't know which company would be the first to release such a device, it certainly isn't unexpected, given the slew of rumors surrounding the possibility of a Google Home device with a touch screen.

The Lenovo Smart Display will be available "early this summer" in 8 and 10-inch variants priced at $199.99 and $249.99 respectively, while Samsung subsidiary Harman International doesn't care to share pricing info for the 8-inch JBL Link View, also due out sometime in the summer.

Despite these concerns, companies are still betting big that you'll want these devices in your home.

The JBL Link View will be available mid-year in the United States and at this stage Australian availability and pricing is unknown. There will be bamboo or grey color options too.

The platforms are created to facilitate easy development of new smart home products featuring Google services (primarily Google Assistant) by manufacturers.

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