Father of shooting suspect: "Just turn yourself in"

Image Ronnie Lucas Wilson

Ronnie Lucas Wilson is wanted to face a charge of attempted murder of a police officer. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

On January 11, a Knoxville police officer initiated a traffic stop on Wilson's vehicle. The suspect is identified as 31-year-old Ronnie Lucas Wilson.

Ronnie Lucas Wilson was added to TBI's Most Wanted list. "Let law enforcement handle this", Chief Rausch said, according to WKYC.

Authorities recovered Wilson's vehicle early Friday. Wilson exited the vehicle and began shooting at the officer, striking him at one time. Wilson allegedly fired at Officer Williams from his black mid 70s model Chevrolet Nova while it was still in motion then fired several more shots after the auto came to a stop. He has a history of violence and considered unsafe. "So when they go out into the exercise yard, they take off their shirt, then it's readily apparent who they belong to, what their rank is in the gang, and then that status that they're looking for". Wilson is wanted by the Knoxville Police and the TBI to face a charge of attempted first degree murder of a police officer.

Rausch said that enforcement agencies across the state are "very familiar" with Wilson.

On Friday afternoon, KPD said investigators needed help finding an endangered female in the company of Wilson.

An East Tennessee man is at large after shooting at a police officer.

Williams, whose shoulder was wounded, had been released from the hospital by Friday morning, Knoxville Police tweeted.

Wilson is a member of Aryan Nations, a White supremacist gang in Tennessee. His Facebook pictures show he has a tattoo of a swastika and another which bears the words "White Pride Worldwide".

According to court filings, Wilson was convicted of aggravated burglary in 2011 and was sentenced to serve three years in a state prison.

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