Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Download Now Available

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Facebook FinalFantasyOpen Beta for upcoming title"Dissidia Final Fantasy NT under way

The final open beta time begins on January 19 at 00h00 AM to January 21 at 23h00 PM. If physical releases are more your speed, the Square Enix Store has an exclusive collector's edition up for pre-order.

The beta will be open from January 13 at 16h00 PM to January 15 at 23h00 PM.

Starting today, for a limited time, prospective players can enter the Final Fantasy multiverse at no expense. And as if that wasn't enough whimsical JRPG news for one year, Square Enix has now revealed Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age is also heading to desktops, alongside a handful of PC-exclusive features.

The open beta does not require PlayStation Plus for online multiplayer, though the full game does require the subscription.

Dissidia Final Fantasy was developed in partnership with Team Ninja from Koei Tecmo Games.

The beta will have three stages over the next ten days with a rotating roster of characters including newer heroes like Noctis or Lightning, some older favourites like Cloud or Zidane, and even surprises like Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launched for PlayStation 4 on January 11 in Japan, and will launch on January 30 in North America and Europe.

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