Diet Coke has a brand-new look, and four new flavours

Australia looks on as Diet Coke shakes up cans and flavours in US

Diet Coke gets biggest makeover ever in bid to restore cachet

People who love Diet Coke tend to really, really, REALLY love it. Diet Coke will still come in standard 12-ounce cans, as well as other sizes, such as bottles and mini-cans.

Because after speaking to more than 10,000 people and spending years exploring all kinds of combinations like tropical, citrus and even botanical notes, we found magic. A slightly refined typography simultaneously preserves Diet Coke's heritage, yet presents it in a more progressive manner, according to the company.

"We're modernizing what has made Diet Coke so special for a new generation", Rafael Acevedo, the product's North American group director, said on Coca-Cola's website.

The company has unveiled a new design for the low-sugar drinks brand in the USA market, and introduced four new flavours.

A new Coca-Cola advert will hit screens next week, focusing on the brand's flourishing Zero Sugar variant. No matter what level of Diet Coke fan you are, you're sure to have a lot of opinions about the drink's dramatic new look and range of flavors.

Diet Coke's new sleek cans are the same shape and size of The Coca-Cola Co.'s Dasani Sparkling packaging.

In the tweet, Lime-A-Rita suggests that Diet Coke created something very similar to their flavors and can styles. "I hate the normal coke but love the cherry one and as it's diet I can finally drink it once again!"

The new US Diet Coke packaging shift seems to contradict its previous message.

Coca-Cola said the new flavors and look - with a different color vertical stripe for each flavor and red for plain - are aimed at appealing to millennials. "Following the double-digit growth we've seen from Coke Zero Sugar since its introduction last fall and with this full Diet Coke brand relaunch, we believe we can continue to re-energize and strengthen our no-calorie business".

Starting in February, Canadians will be able to try all four of the new flavours (as well as the original flavour), which will be available in slimmer, silver cans, with the logo now running down the can vertically instead of horizontally.

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