Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton passes away suddenly aged 32

Rebekah Shelton slams 'arrogant' Judge Rinder in fiery final TV appearance

Rebekah Shelton owed money to her friend Teena

'We ask that you respect the family's privacy at this time'.

A string of media outlets picked up the story after the official Big Brother account posted a tribute to the star - but in a weird twist, she was later confirmed to be alive.

"I've been through hell today, someone used my Twitter account to write that stupid status about me".

This person can't accept the fact that I'm happy, that I overcame all my problems, and that I finally have my life happy.

"I'm on holiday and I'm not dead".

The transgender reality star came to fame through Big Brother, and has spoken at length about her transition.

"I would say think twice, go for some therapy and wait to see if you really want it". "I was not born wanting to be a transsexual, or a boy, or a straight boy, or a girl", she previously said of her transition.

Rebekah's last tweet was posted on December 26, when she shared a series of laughing face emojis in response to another message.

Since then, Lopes underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2014, and after two years living as a woman, confirmed on Twitter that she had transitioned to a woman.

More recently she made a controversial appearance on Judge Rinder where she appeared to try and claim money back for a botched boob job.

Earlier we reported that the Rebekah Shelton, star of Big Brother in 2009 had died, it turns out, thankfully, that she is alive and well and living in Dubai.

She appeared on ITV show Judge Rinder in 2016 to confront a woman she was accusing of obsessive stalking, and spoke about her long and painful journey to self-acceptance. It's not easy to be a different person.

In her video, recorded in a hotel room, she said: 'Hi everyone, I would like to kindly ask. I'm not sure what I would do if I could go back in time'. "We haven't spoken for six months because I've chose to leave, but that was the turning point".

"I am the happiest I've ever been in myself, but I lost so much along the way", she told OK! magazine at the time.

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