Bandai Namco Comments On Potential Discount For Dark Souls Remastered On PC

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Bandai Namco Comments On Potential Discount For Dark Souls Remastered On PC

"We are excited to watch the thriving DARK SOULS community grow and support new players experiencing the title for the first time". Along with that, during Direct event, the game is also confirmed for Nintendo Switch. Following up this announcement, Bandai Namco has recently revealed a Dark Souls box set that will be coming soon only to PS4. As with so many other remasters, this will enhance the game for modern day consoles, giving it a fresh coat of paint while likely leaving much of the core gameplay unchanged. On the Nintendo Switch, it will run docked at 1080p, 30fps and in handheld mode at 720p, 30fps. Namco Bandai doesn't discuss what kind of frame rate we can expect on the standard PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the hope is that we'll get 60fps there as well. One recent issue that seems to have popped up surrounds that of a "50% off" Dark Souls Remastered deal that is said to have never been in implemented, although there's some info out there showing otherwise. This edition offered all of the DLC for Dark Souls II, along with enhanced visuals for modern consoles.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix will be available for the Switch sometime this year.

Last but not least, the Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set includes a Memorial Art Set with 10 pieces of artwork from all three games, featuring new graphics to use at your will.

Dark Souls remaster will be releasing on 25th May 2018, for PS4, Xbox, PC, and Switch.

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