Alleged victims of former football coach Barry Bennell give evidence at trial

Bennell coached Crewe Alexandra

Bennell is a former coach of Crewe Alexandra

The court was shown a video of the complainant's police interview and he then gave evidence from behind a screen.

Former footballer Chris Unsworth, 45, remembered by Bennell as "like a little teddy bear", said he was eight or nine when the man he hoped would make him a professional player scouted him for Manchester City's youth system and later took him to Crewe.

"He would move his hands around your body on the outside of your clothes, tickle you, and you would have to do the same to him", he said. "Every boy just dreamt of being a footballer, so everybody wanted to please him".

Mr Unsworth said he was also abused on trips to Wales, where he described staying in a "haunted house" with other boys.

He said the abuse went on until Bennell suddenly lost interest in him.

The footballer said to this day Cacharpaya by panpipes group Incantation "just sends chills down my spine".

"It was nearly like an untold rule, like 'shut up, '" the complainant said. You knew but you didn't say anything. "We didn't want to spoil our chances. he had a big power hold over us with that, which was pretty horrific".

Unsworth alleged that sexual activity escalated and eventually led to Bennell raping him "about half a dozen times".

Prosecutor Nicholas Johnson told a jury at Liverpool Crown Court that, who has since changed his name to Richard Jones, was a "predatory and determined pedophile" who targeted prepubescent boys.

The alleged victim described being abused on a football tour at Butlin's in Pwllheli when he woke up to find Bennell behind him.

He said the abuse would begin with a game called "follow me", which the Mr Bennell would initiate.

"As soon as you started turning up with pubic hair you were past your sell-by date and you were gone, " he said.

Recalling the alleged assault, he told jurors:"The first time I will never forget it. It was only for that I was going to do it".

There was an "untold rule" between boys not to report abuse, he told the jury.

He then made the decision to contact police.

He said: "I always tended to aim for the 13-year-olds".

After a short recess the jury was shown a television interview in which former footballer Andy Woodward broke his silence about being abused.

During questioning by Eleanor Laws, defending Bennell, the complainant said he was not testifying to get compensation, but because "this is about justice".

Inside he said there were two sets of bunk beds and a double bed, which Mr Bennell would share with two boys.

"That was his scene, he would try and scare the lads", he told the court.

A transcript of a police interview with Mr Bennell in February previous year was read to the court, which included a denial that he had abused Mr Unsworth.

He said he remembered the complainant was "nice looking", but said he was not one of the boys he had abused.

Before the trial, Mr Bennell, an ex-Crewe Alexandra coach, admitted seven charges of indecent assault committed between 1981 and 1991, relating to three boys aged between 11 and 14.

The trial is expected to last two months.

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