Shitty Media Men list author reveals herself as Moira Donegan

Is outing the creator of the media men list wrong? Not necessarily.

'Punisher: War Zone' Director Outs Herself As Sh***y Men In Media List Creator

Donegan said she declined, but that this week, a fact checker for Harper's told her that Roiphe had identified her as the woman "widely believed to be one of the creators of the Shitty Men in Media List".

It's unclear which job Donegan was referring to in the article.

But as more and more women added their own names and descriptions of inappropriate behaviour to it, the list began to circulate far and wide. She took the document offline after about 12 hours, when she learned that a BuzzFeed article would be making its existence public. Donegan writes in her piece that Roiphe emailed her in early December asking if she wanted to comment for a story she was writing on "the feminist movement".

"Many commentators expressed sympathy with the aims of the document - women warning women, trying to help one another" Donegan wrote in an essay on TheCut, "but thought that its technique was too radical".

As the spreadsheet was sent around, Donegan says she was taken aback by the content that began to fill in: "Watching the cells populate, it rapidly became clear that many of us had weathered more than we had been willing to admit to one another".

What to know about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations IBTimes US. This past fall, a digital protest in the form of a Google document outing men in the media industry who have committed sexual misconduct was made, and the writer bravely revealed herself to be Moira Donegan.

She later tweeted that she had "a nice little stable of great ex-Harper's pieces - some reported, some not - that could use new homes", and invited editors from other publications to get in touch.

Donegan was hired at the New Republic in April as an assistant editor for cultural coverage. "She may be, as she implies, the rare grad student who has actually read Clarissa, but when it comes to rape and harassment she has not done her homework".

"I was naive because I did not understand the forces that would make the document go viral".

As a feminist and a journalist, I think it's worth taking a moment to soberly consider two ideas that the initial round of discussion took for granted and to separate them from the context of Roiphe's past work. The file also prompted an industry-wide "reckoning with abuses of power", Donegan wrote.

The document also had a huge impact on her own life, Donegan wrote. Roiphe however said that she wouldn't have mentioned the creator in the final draft without the woman's approval. Donegan described the fear of being exposed and the harassment she expected would inevitably follow.

Donegan outed herself in an article for "The Cut" amid speculation that Harper's Magazine would publicly name the author of the list. Instead of listening to readers' concerns about the nonconsensual revelation of Donegan's identity, Harper's immediately went on the defensive. "Many of these networks have been invaluable in protecting their members", she continued.

Harper's did not respond to Deadline's request for comment.

Having helmed 2008's Punisher: War Zone produced by Gale Anne Hurd and starring Ray Stevenson and receiving an Oscar nomination in 2003 for her short film Johnny Flynton, Alexander been mainly directing TV the past few years.

For months, the creator of the controversial list remained a mystery to the general public. Shortly thereafter it was confirmed that Harper's was planning on running a piece on the subject by the writer Katie Roiphe, most famous for her 1994 book on campus sexual culture, "The Morning After: Sex, Fear, and Feminism". "All of this was terrifying".

"I still don't know what kind of future awaits me now that I've stopped hiding", she wrote. Now I think that the task at hand might be more rudimentary than I assumed: "The experience of making the spreadsheet has shown me that it is still explosive, radical, and productively risky for women to say what we mean".

"Fundamentally, a whisper network consists of private conversations, and the document that I created was meant to be private as well". Certainly, the women who contributed to the spreadsheet might be very interested to know if their honest desire to warn other women had been hijacked to very different ends.

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