Russian man smashes military transporter into store to steal wine

The vehicle belonged to an official paramilitary organisation

The vehicle belonged to an official paramilitary organisation

The man drove the armored vehicle, believed to be an M-1970, through a forest and into the town of Apatity.

It all started when a man in his late-20s, who witnesses would later say seemed drunk, stole an armored personnel carrier from a military driving school, the Guardian reports.

The man drove the heavy vehicle into the city, where he first collided with a parked auto and then drove into a grocery store's window.

The man had stolen the vehicle from a nearby base of a state paramilitary organization, the Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation and Navy, FlashNord reported.

In the Severnaya Street he first smashed a over a parked vehicle, then drove across the pathway and rammed into a shopwindow.

Nothing was said about stealing a vehicle, but the unidentified man was arrested for being "in possession of a stolen bottle of wine". The Independent notes "the shop was not licensed to sell alcohol that early in the morning". Well call me old fashioned, but when someone drives into a store to steal a bottle of wine, I don't think the shop owner was selling the person any wine.

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