OR residents freak out over drivers pumping their own gas

Angry Oregonians the butt of jokes as new law forces some citizens to pump their own gas for first time

Oregonians Come to Terms with Pumping Their Own Gas

The new law, which was signed by Gov. Kate Brown last June, took effect Monday, allowing self-service gas pumps, but some gas stations said they will continue to pump gas for customers, according to The Bend Bulletin. This leaves New Jersey the only state which still outlaws pumping one's own gas.

Local news station KTVL CBS 10 News asked their viewers via a Facebook post what they thought of the new law and over 18,000 people responded.

Oregonians now have the option to pump their own gas, and some of them are anxious about it, which is causing the internet to poke fun at those who are stressed out. I say NO THANKS! "I don't like to smell like gasoline!" one woman wrote.

"Attendant-pumped gas is one of those long-time OR things, like no sales tax, that has always made this state unique".

"I grew up, born and raised in Washington, and I think it's silly that we can't pump our gas, or couldn't before", Andrew Hoggate of Lyle, Washington said.

"Who knows how this will effect other body systems".

OR residents are upset after a change in legislature no longer requires gas station attendants to pump gas for customers. And yes, I will not feel safe pumping my own gas ... The result was, well, hilarious, as many people were obviously distressed that from now on they would have the freedom to choose to pump their own gas.

Angry Oregonians the butt of jokes as new law forces some citizens to pump their own gas for first time
Numbers Vs. Internet Jokes About Oregon's Pumping Ban

Or not. Maybe we just sat back and laughed at their utter country hipster nonsense until tears streamed down our faces.

Until recently, it was actually illegal for anyone in the state of OR to refill their own auto with gas.

If you consider that a gas station would have to hire more people to pump your gas in comparison to a self-service model; it falls into an automation debate over jobs.

"Ya know, at my age, I have pumped a lot of gas before", Karen Andazola said. If that's not one of your personal life experiences I'm perfectly willing to accept the premise, but have you ever seen your gas station attendant do it?

"Our experience after nearly 13 years is that out-of-state residents are very capable of dispensing [their] fuel and the majority of Oregonians delight in being able to if we are swamped", Downs said.

For those offended by these jabs, check out this piece from Road & Track, which is more blunt than anything HuffPost has on Oregon's crisis new law. Oregon's laws on gas pumping are still unbelievably stupid, and she's probably still going to be sitting there at a pump waiting for somebody to perform an extremely simple, menial task for her.

Kale Williams, a columnist for the Oregonian, slammed the Internet and some publications for poking fun at OR and making the state "look like either a collection of feeble-handed troglodytes too dumb OR lazy to do the deed themselves OR an assemblage of elitists who turn their noses up at the plebeian pump".

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