Oprah should not run for president

Oprah's unlikely to run for president, but Stedman Graham just gave us a little hope

Van Jones: If Oprah runs, 'she will destroy anybody in front of her'

"Yeah, I'll beat Oprah", President Donald Trump replied Tuesday when asked about a potential 2020 campaign against media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who has been garnering buzz to make a run at the White House.

- CNN political commentator Van Jones said Monday that if Oprah Winfrey ran for president she "would destroy anything in front of her".

Twitter ignited, Democrats championed her as superior to Trump and even Republicans admitted she was a formidable opponent to a reality star president, who himself named Winfrey as his pick for vice president in an interview 20 years ago.

Andy Cohen pointed out that Oprah doesn't have any political experience.

Again, this is another sign that Jones, who used to be a general opponent of everything and anything attached to either the government or conventional thought, has become less a catchall conspiracist than a freelance advocate for President Donald Trump (albeit a particularly unhinged one). "She did in nine minutes what Barack Obama did in 17 minutes in 2004", Jones said, referring to the 44th president's famous Democratic National Convention keynote address that launched him onto the national scene.

Actress Alyssa Milano and others quickly chimed in, pointing out that Ivanka Trump's tweet doesn't mention that her father faces accusations of sexual misconduct by several women.

But while her Golden Globes speech certainly struck a chord, and, as King described it, was "the right person giving the right speech at the right time", it wasn't written "as a launching pad for what she wants to do".

Oprah Winfrey holds the 2018 Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award in the press room during the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Washington Post journalist Jennifer Rubin wrote: "This is the most hypocritical, clueless statement in her regrettable time in the WH".

"I like Oprah", Trump told ABC News in June 2015. People are begging her, please run, please run, please run. I'd love to have Oprah.

Winfrey confidante Gayle King said earlier on Tuesday there was no change in Winfrey's past position - that she is not interested in running for president.

In the true fashion of a politician considering a run, she's played coy on the subject in the past (using the word "Never!" multiple times), but Winfrey's impassioned remarks on the #MeToo movement and forward-looking tone didn't do much to put rest to the rumors that she could put her hat in the 2020 ring.

But look, I get it. Democrats have been traumatized by recent events, and one of the responses is to throw up your hands and say, "Fine then".

However, Oprah herself has said that she is not interested in running for the seat. "There'll be no running for office of any kind for me", she told CBS in October. "It would be a pretty good ticket".

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