Leaked metrics show why Snapchat had to be redesigned

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Credit PA

Perhaps more worryingly for Snap, the data reveals that only 20 per cent of Snapchat users consumed content from publishers on Discover daily. Even so, The Daily Beast obtained internal metrics that give us insight into some of the company's decision-making regarding Snapchat. When it launched last June, Snap Maps had over 30 million daily users. By September, usage declined to 19 million, or about 11 percent of Snapchat's 178 million daily users.

The good news is that consumers now appear to spend more time on Snapchat than Instagram.

There's no denying that Snapchat is one of the more popular apps out there, but its user growth has somewhat stagnated in recent times. Users for the Discover Edition peaked on July 24 with 38 million daily active users, or 21% of the overall user base, during the five months the Daily Beast reviewed. Snap has previously reported 100 million monthly active users.

The redesign is meant to be more user-friendly for older Snapchatters and also allow easier access to content creators.

Snap declined to comment on the report. That will make it troublesome for Snap, since the fear is that folks will stop using Discover and, as a result, will cause Snap's ad revenue to sharply drop.

Much of the Daily Beast story was focused on the company's secretive culture, something chief executive officer Evan Spiegel is known for and has discussed in past interviews and at conferences. In August alone, users were found to be 64 per cent more likely to send a Snap to a friend than post to Stories, and sent 34 messages each day on average. Many of those messages were photos.

Data covering a wide range of the app's features from the end of April to mid-September 2017 has been leaked and published by The Daily Beast.

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