GLAS Is A Beautiful Thermostat Powered By Cortana

Image microsoft

Image microsoft

Smart thermostats in general are aimed at helping users save money on heating and cooling bills by giving more control over how energy is used and at what time.

The GLAS thermostat will be running Windows 10 IoT Core, as screens are a requirement for any kind of Cortana-powered device. This smart home device was first unveiled previous year and it features a translucent touchscreen display.

Created in partnership with Johnson Controls, the GLAS thermostat will use Cortana's smart machine learning and Microsoft's Azure cloud platform to track both indoor and outdoor air quality and adjust the thermostat accordingly to a user's preferences or preassigned settings. The integration of Cortana into the GLAS thermostat allows the adjusting of temperature using your voice. It also can detect when users are home or in the office and adjust settings to insure energy efficiency.

Because it's always connected to the Internet, GLAS can also adapt to your schedule and adjust temperature when you're not home. If you are across the room and snug in a warm blanket and you want the heat turned down, you can say "Hey Cortana, set the temperature to 68-degrees". "Cortana can help you manage your calendar, inform you of traffic, answer questions, and more, so all of this information is on display in one place to help jumpstart your day before leaving the door", Microsoft explained.

It's likely that the design will prove the most striking part of the GLAS' appeal, of course. As the name implies, it's a translucent OLED touchscreen. It'll be compatible with gas, oil, and electric heating, along with ground-, air-, and water-source heat pumps, and has dual-fuel support for heat pumps.

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