Dark Souls PC rekindled with 4K remaster

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Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set Also Announced for PS4, But It's Crazy Expensive

Unfortunately, we're still waiting for details regarding how this game will remaster Dark Souls and how it will perform on Nintendo Switch. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition will be releasing on the Switch this Spring.

A demo for the Dragon Quest Builders Demo is now available on Nintendo Switch and it will be released by the end of this month.

More news on the Dark Souls front.

However, some of you might have missed all the Nintendo Switch announcements made by Nintendo at Nintendo Direct Moni 2018, so we will be listing all the games that were announced for Switch at the event so that you can keep track of them. Now it is finally a certainty as it was confirmed in Nintendo Direct 2018 that Dark Souls Remastered will indeed be heading to the Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Another platform for the Nintendo Switch sees you controlling Madeline as she takes on the unsafe Celeste Mountain. HD visuals, a new epilogue, and Joy-con controls are some of the additions when it hits the Nintendo Switch this year. Not since the days of the Game Boy Advance has Nintendo done this.

Nintendo announced a new Mario Tennis game: Mario Tennis Aces.

Pokken Tournament DX will get updated with some new DLC characters and you can purchase the Deluxe Battle Pack paid DLC as it is now available and will be released in two waves.

Super Mario Odyssey Update (February 2018) - In a bid to improve the already-acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo says there'll be a new mode for people who have completed the main story. It's a new competitive mode that can be accessed by speaking to Luigi in New Donk City. Payday 2 Nintendo Switch release date is February 27.

A new fighting game starring female combatants from various SNK games is also heading to Switch this summer.

Fe and Celeste More third-party titles for Nintendo Switch announced at the event. Don't worry if you're Switch-less; it's also coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC the same day.

A retro-style platformer called Celeste is heading to Switch on January 25. The game will be updated with a new character, Funky Kong.

Fe lets you control a fox-like creature as it travels through a forest that reacts to the songs its inhabitants sing.

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