CES 2018: Intel launches Shooting Star Mini drones

Intel flies 100 'shooting star' mini drones for light show

CES 2018: Intel launches Shooting Star Mini drones

In the sky, they're geofenced into place (to prevent them roaming down the strip) and controlled by a single pilot.

Indoor drone flight is hard because of a lack of access to Global Positioning System, smaller spaces and of course, obstacles like walls and ceilings.

The light shows are the first instance that coordinated drones have flown over Las Vegas Boulevard.

The new Intel Indoor Location System powering the Intel Shooting Star Mini drones expands Intel's possibilities for entertainment by allowing the drones to maintain position and navigate indoors without GPS to create attractive drone light shows. Intel said the software allows for complex show design in weeks rather than months. The brand had debuted at the halftime show at the last Superbowl with its drone-based light shows, seems to have now added a lot more to the latest device. In doing so, it beat its own previous record of 100 drones in less than a year.

At a theater in the Monte Carlo hotel, the drones took off indoors and put on an aerial show. The song they danced to was Kygo's "Stargazing," of course.

Intel says drones equipped with number-crunching AI programs could spped up the process thanks to real-time data analysis that may "find unexpected insights that the driver can use to improve".

At its CES keynote, Intel showed an impressive light show with the full effect of the tiny drones flying in 3D space. The show continues with two performances every night through Thursday, January 11 during CES.

Instead, they are just designed for these kinds of light shows.

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