Brown's final California budget stashes billions in reserve

California Gov. Jerry Brown speaks at the Chief Probation Officers of Californias Juvenile Realignment Conference Friday Oct. 20 2017 in Sacramento Calif

Jerry Brown unveils $132 billion California budget for 2018-19

Timothy White, Cal State's chancellor, called the proposed budget "both concerning and surprising".

Brown said that in the past the state has experienced 10 recessions since World War Two and we must be prepared for the next one. Brown's budget propounded $131.7 billion in prevalent fund revenue. Jerry Brown released his 16th and final annual budget blueprint Wednesday, urging legislators to sock away most of the state's projected $6.1 billion surplus as he warned of the next economic downturn and potential cuts by the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress.

- A focus on "fix-it-first" investments to repair neighborhood roads, state highways and bridges ($2.8 billion).

A fact often ignored by those who want to amend Proposition 13 is that California governments are flush with cash despite Proposition 13's tax limitations. "Let's not blow it now".

The proposal for the project states the target demographic is "students who do not yet have a postsecondary credential and whose schedules do not fit into traditional, classroom-based settings"-though any California resident would be able to take courses and programs at the online college".

State officials and economists said planning for the 2018-2019 budget cycle had been particularly hard this year. The plan for these funds will be announced in conjunction with the Governor's State of the State Address. He also would allocate $3 billion for K-12 schools through local control funding to put more money in the hands of schools that have higher concentrations of impoverished students and English learners.

Republican Senator Tom Berryhill, who represents district eight, says, "Governor Brown's budget only proves what Republicans have been saying all along: Taxes are too darn high".

Yet they noted that "the state budget process has just begun and we hope to continue conversations with the governor and the Legislature".

The $132 billion spending proposal includes notable investments in education for foster youth in the state; a new home visiting program for moms receiving welfare; and a bid to divert some young adults from prisons into juvenile facilities.

The first $135 million of that will pay back the general fund for costs of building the state bureaucracy to regulate marijuana.

The governor's January proposal is an opening gambit in the long march toward a budget that is to be adopted in June, before the July 1 beginning of the fiscal year.

The governor's spending plan would allocate $4.6 billion in new transportation funding in fiscal 2018-19 including $2.8 billion to fix neighborhood roads, state highways and bridges, $556 million for trade and commute corridors, $200 million for high-priority transportation projects and $721 million for passenger rail and public transit modernization.

In stark contrast to the $27 billion budget gap of 2011, the 2018 fiscal plan reflects a healthy one-time surplus and increases funding for education, health care and other core priorities.

As the state won't know for months the impact of the GOP tax bill, Yee said, "Brown is wise in exercising caution with responsible short-term spending, boosting rainy day fund reserves, and paying down debt".

Even as the state faces a potential recession and changes to the federal tax code, California Gov.

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