A&E waiting targets hit 14-year low as patients `die…

Figures yesterday showed that more than 300,000 people waited more than four hours in A&E last month

Figures yesterday showed that more than 300,000 people waited more than four hours in A&E last monthPA

She said that the Department was aware of the "great deal of pressure in A&E departments" and said they "are grateful to all NHS staff for their incredible work in challenging circumstances".

The hospital has apologised to Esme and her family and stressed it is under "extreme pressure" due to a huge increase in the number of "very ill" patients it is treating. The total number of patients seen in December, including walk-in centres - was up by 983 to 17,078 last month. "That is utterly unacceptable in the 21st Century NHS".

Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of respondents (65%) said the Government was managing the current pressures on the NHS badly, 38 Degrees said.

The Scottish Conservatives called for a moratorium to be introduced to halt the decline in hospital beds.

"While we do not want any delay to patient treatment, ensuring that patients with flu are admitted to, and cared for in the right place must always come first - the clinical needs of our patients is paramount".

Nationally the picture is of an ongoing crisis as the figures show waiting time targets in accident and emergency departments have hit their lowest level in 14 years, with patients "dying prematurely" in their corridors before they are seen, according to some consultants.

She said: "People are waiting too long in A&E departments because there are no beds for them on wards, and because many of those hospital beds are taken up by patients who are waiting for their social care arrangements".

The latest figures from Public Health England (PHE) show the number of flu patients admitted to hospital were two-and-a-half times higher than at the same time past year.

Alarming: A&E chiefs from 68 hospitals warn patients are 'dying prematurely'
Bedford Hospital was completely full on two days in December

He said he was "so fed up of the lies" and claims the NHS is fine that he wanted to go public with his dad's story, adding: "I am lucky it was just the flu and cuts and bruises, as if it was anything else he could have died waiting that long on an ambulance".

Winter pressures on the health service have highlighted a lack of funding and solutions required to make the NHS sustainable in the long term, doctors have said.

The Scottish Ambulance Service reported an nearly 40 per cent increase in the number of calls on Hogmanay alone while NHS 24 received more than 45,000 calls in the four days over Christmas.

"The NHS today has launched their national flu programme and I would encourage people to act on the advice that the NHS is giving and also encourage NHS staff who haven't had the flu vaccine yet to have that vaccine".

A group of more than 60 senior A&E doctors have warned Theresa May that patients are "dying prematurely" in hospital corridors amid "intolerable" safety risks, as NHS England figures reveal that waiting times have reached the worst level on record.

The body warned that just 77.3% of emergency patients at major A&E departments were seen within the time frame in December.

A spokesman added: "It further demonstrates why it has been necessary to cancel patients' non-urgent procedures until the end of January".

We remain hopeful and committed to improving the care of patients in Emergency Departments throughout the UK.

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