Mother of bullied schoolboy Keaton Jones denies being racist

Racism Allegations And Fake Fundraisers The Viral Story Of Keaton Jones Has Become A Mess

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Keaton Jones' mother went on national TV to explain that she wasn't really racist, so, you know, keep flying us to movie premieres and giving us money. "Bullying has become a part of our culture".

"Just know that you are great!"

There were also rumors circling that prior to being bullied, Keaton used racial slurs at school.

The video has since been deleted, and Kimberly told Fox News that she never had contact with Schilling.

And perhaps in response to these photos, rumors began to run around Twitter that the reason Keaton was getting bullied was due to his own racial intolerance-but these rumors do not appear to be based on any evidence, as Keaton's sister Lakyn has said family does not tolerate that kind of behavior. It said it will be working with a user named Joseph Lam, who raised US$56,166 for the bullied boy, "to ensure the funds go to Keaton".

Kimberly Jones, the mum of bullied tween Keaton Jones, says she is not racist.

In a statement to People magazine, she insisted she isn't a racist.

Turns Out Keaton Jones Father is Racist with
Mother of bullied schoolboy Keaton Jones denies being racist

She added, "I am genuinely, truly sorry".

Speaking to ABC News' Good Morning America, Kimberly said: "It was meant to be amusing, ironic and extreme". The site shares that photos from his Facebook page posted before his imprisonment allegedly show him wearing an "SS" shirt - which is a reference to the Nazi party. It's not clear exactly what the truth of it all is, but photos surfaced of Kimberly holding the Confederate flag in a Facebook post about "butt hurt Americans". "I feel like anybody who wants to take the time to ask anybody who I am or even troll through some other pictures, I mean I feel like we're not racist", the boy's mother said. "I can't tell you what was done, but I can tell you action was taken with the children".

When I was at school, I was attacked by bullies.

The likes of Rihanna and T.I. have instead turned their attention to another story of bullying that involved 10-year-old Ashawnty Davis, who hanged herself after a fight she had with a bully was posted online. "You'll see a million flags like that".

Many have discovered photographs of his mother to proudly hold the flag of the American South (a trademark of racists in the United States and beyond), and they all began to break out. My brother doesn't say the "N" word.

Setting aside everything about Keaton's family and whether he was bullied or smacked down for being awful, there's a larger issue here; not every bullying victim is a good, pure person. "Please leave it alone", Lakyn tweeted.

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