Mary, sheep vie for baby Jesus during children's nativity

Benson on Facebook

Benson on Facebook

"When I went up to take Teegan's hand and walk her off the stage, the little girl playing Mary said, 'She touched the baby Jesus!".

But during the song, it's clear Teegan, playing the role of "sheep", has plans to become the star of the show.

TWO live nativity services are to be held at St Eustachius' Church, Tavistock, on Christmas Eve at 4pm and 6pm, such is their popularity.

Tana Benson said while the moment didn't go as planned, it brought endless joy to everyone at First Baptist Church of White Pine.

As for Teegan, her mom said perhaps she would have put the baby Jesus down, but "once she heard the crowd laughing, the more they laughed the more she strut her stuff".

A 2-year-old girl who is "obsessed" with baby Jesus just couldn't get through her church nativity pageant without stealing him from the manger.

While the children's choir sang "Away In A Manger" the scene began to unravel.

The video that Tana posted on Facebook has been viewed more than 2 million times and shared by over 84,000 users. "(Mary) is a stickler for the rules.

Meanwhile, the little girl playing Mary made a decision to take matters into her own hands and reclaim the doll. "We weren't supposed to touch the baby Jesus!'"

Benson is overwhelmed by the response to her daughter's antics. "God has blessed us with her and she keeps me on my toes". She described Collia as very bright and a very good girl.

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