Alabama House Republican discloses cancer diagnosis

Rep. Mo Brooks

US House Rep. Mo Brooks SOURCE US House

A day after the Alabama special election, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) - who came in third in the Alabama Senate primary - revealed on the House floor that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

"In stark contrast, nearly all prostate cancer patients live longer than five years if the cancer is discovered early and killed before it spreads", he said. Brooks then called his wife, who was back in Alabama giving candy to trick-or-treaters to tell her.

During his speech on the floor, Brooks said he had a "very good cure prognosis" and hoped to return to Washington following the recess next year. "I felt an adrenalin rush as a chill went up and down my spine", Brooks added. He urged men to take their health seriously and monitor their PSA levels. "During the holidays, enjoy your family ... because no one is promised tomorrow", he said.

In a somewhat ironic test, Brooks also credits the fact that he lost the Alabama Senate primary for having the time to visit the doctor and get tested. He explained if he had won, he wouldn't have had time for his physical and PSA test and he wouldn't have had a prostate biopsy. "It's paradoxical, but it may have saved my life".

Brooks said he found out the diagnosis Halloween night and spent the rest of that week in Huntsville making plans for treatment.

Initially, the surgery was scheduled so that Brooks would not miss any votes, but after the House of Representatives changed their schedule, it became apparent that he would have to miss a few days of work for recovery. I would not now know about my "high risk" prostate cancer that requires immediate surgery.

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