The most binged shows on Netflix in 2017

Netflix subscribers streamed a billion hours per week in 2017

Screen grab from the Netflix India commercial on 'Serial Cheaters'. Image Source Netflix Youtube

At one time or another, if you have access to a Netflix subscription, you have probably done a binge-watch of a show. In the beginning of this year, Netflix had 4.2 million active users in India.

On the opposite end of the scale, Netflix also listed the ten most savoured shows (watched less than two hours per day).

The popularity is based on the average daily viewing hours per member between November 1, 2016 and November 1, 2017. Keeping aside big numbers too, how many people do you know around yourself who do not wait for the weekend, so they could binge?

All in all, though, the trends of Netflix's streaming shows for this year trend toward the dark, as we've already mentioned (see 13 Reasons Why making it onto the "devour" list) but also to the irreverent comedy of shows like Big Mouth (a "savor" show, which means it's missed the opportunity for some prime joking). How many of them did you watch with your family? That's about one billion hours per week (in case you were wondering). Though, the holiday hangover lasted a little longer in the USA where January 2, 2017 was the most popular binge-watching day.

Interestingly, while Indians are amongst the top mobile downloaders in the world for Netflix content, TV devices continue to be important for streaming, with more than a third (34 per cent) of Netflix viewing hours in India being through connected TVs.

Luckily, not everyone was willing to abandon their Netflix partners.

In the category of shows that India got cheating, Narcos remains on the top, followed by Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Mindhunter, and Black Mirror.

The shows India devoured in 2017 were: "My Only Love Song", "13 Reasons Why", "Marvel's Iron Fist", "The Mist", "Shooter", "Riverdale", "Terrace House: Aloha State", "Greenleaf", "American Vandal" and "Marvel's The Defenders". Ahead of its annual rollout of some of the year's most fun and offbeat viewership statistics, the streaming service let its Twitter followers in on just one of the thousands of little tell-tale quirks we all unthinkingly reveal about ourselves, over time, as we establish a viewing history - in some cases, it turns out, a pretty odd viewing history.

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