Apple iPhone and iPad users can now pre-order apps

Apple iPhone and iPad users can now pre-order apps

Apple iPhone and iPad users can now pre-order apps

Apple's note for app developers said that new apps for iOS, macOS and tvOS can be made available for pre-order when they submit their app and metadata for review in iTunes Connect.

If you are a developer and need to make your app available for pre-order, just go to the homepage and select the app form my apps.

This pre-order platform was utilized by Super Mario Run for iPhone, when users were able to subscribe to notifications in the App Store to be notified of the Nintendo game's release. The good news is that the app has been pulled since TechCrunch broke the story early Monday morning. Customers can pre-order the app from the product page, search results, or the Today, Games, or Apps tabs if the app is featured.

In addition, Apple has added a "Pre-Orders" section to the Games tab of the App Store, which now includes five games. Thankfully this works for both paid and free apps.

Once that is done, the app will be delivered to your phone as soon as it's published. Users won't be charged for the app until it's been officially released, which is similar to how Amazon handles pre-orders from its online store, as pointed out by Engadget. Of course, free apps are also available for pre-order as well.

Only upon downloading of the app will they be properly charged. Once the app is released, customers will be notified and the app will be automatically downloaded to their device. The automatic download will only happen when users are connected to a Wi-Fi network or using their mobile data.

Although the App Store received a major redesign this year, it's core functionalities for getting apps mainly stayed the same ever since it first launched in 2008.

As of this morning, the fake MEW app has been removed from the store; but it was reported that over the weekend it rose to the third rank in Apple's Finance App section. Moreover, it would gauge user interest through which developers can anticipate demand. We actually saw a preview of this pre-order system back when Super Mario Run was preparing for release previous year. iOS users could request a notification for release and clearly Apple decided it was worthwhile expanding that system into a full pre-order solution for all three of its operating system platforms.

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