Kylie Jenner Comments on Cost of New Makeup Brush Set

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People immediately began to question how she could compare her brushes to these other lines. However, fans are enraged when they learned that the set costs $360. Promoting the new set, Kylie wrote on Twitter that the brushes are "the most wonderful luxury brushes ever". Back when the reality star first launched her makeup line, Jeffree slammed her for overcharging for her Lip Kits. But the social media star has also used her account as a way to send coded messages out to her fans.

Seeing all the complaints that she got regarding the price of the brushes, Kylie responded to them by sharing on Twitter screenshots of other brush line prices. Kylie's make up truck debuted in Los Angeles at The Grove and it brought out many eager fans who bought all kinds of beauty goodies.

However, the price of Kylie Cosmetics' Makeup Brush Set will remain the same.

Kylie Jenner, 20, received a lot of criticism after her pricey make up brushes were released and it's inspired her to listen to her fans and take action to make things right.

Although Kylie explained to fans why the brush set was so expensive, that didn't stop buyers from voicing their opinions.

People were incredibly displeased with the comparisons to established brands.

While Jenner does receive tons of hate, Twitters users are correct, even her fans were disappointed in her explaination.

In fact, BH Cosmetics threw some subtle - but good natured - shade at Jenner's brushes themselves.

Overall, however, the reactions still appear to be negative. In that post, Kylie included pictures of Kevyn Aucoin's The Essential Brush Collection ($650), Artis Brush's Elite Mirror 10 Brush Set ($360), M.A.C.'s Black Brush Set, and M.A.C.'s 16-Piece Full Size Professional Cosmetic Brush Set.

Only time will tell if Jenner's fans will end up purchasing the brush roll or if they will choose to buy them individually. Eventually, they ended up burying the hatchet and Jeffree even praised her velvet liquid lipsticks. Real brushes don't compare to synthetic brushes.

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