Tips to keep your Christmas tree from catching on fire

Local Christmas trees can create lots of special holiday memories

Why Are Natural Christmas Trees So Expensive This Year?

It takes up to 10 years to grow each tree and, during this time, the trees remove carbon dioxide and airborn pollutants from the atmosphere (up to 13 tons per acre!) and provide protective havens for a wide variety of birds and mammals. Most trash and waste removal companies do not accept Christmas trees, so district residents are encouraged to take advantage of this free program.

"We downsized it a little bit because we have a lot of older people come from nursing homes and things".

In addition to the trees he culls from his farm, he orders Noble and Douglas firs from the Pacific Northwest to fill out the selection at his roadside stands here in Austin. Under no circumstances should you use lighted candles on a Christmas tree.

If you aren't setting up the tree immediately, store it outdoors. "I had a tree called a Nordmann, which was something we had never carried".

But the most expensive option for a real tree is making the mistake of thinking you can duck into a local forest with a small axe and cut down your own. Not that I am disappointed about heading to the hills in search of the flawless Douglas fir for the Phillips family Christmas, it just won't be quite as much fun as when our kids were little and we made a day of it. I had so many Santa Claus ornaments, I decided they needed their own tree.

"People will actually bring us gift cards for places to for us to eat because they know we can't use the stove", he adds. But it's not so much affected his business, Highland Plantation Christmas Tree Farm.

But not everyone has the room or desire for a fresh cut, evergreen tree for the holidays.

Yes, I know the idea of scented pine cones might bring back awful memories of rushing into a store to get past the bins of pine cones by the door that have been drenched in artificial cinnamon. Dry trees should be removed before they create a fire hazard. There are three different snowflakes and all are studded with silver glitter to better blend in with your other ornaments. He says they have a good number of four- to eight-foot trees ready for customers, but, if you go, don't expect to find any taller than that. I've had one of these Log Cabin Incense Burners for years (bought with my own money). The burner is shaped like a little log cabin and when you burn your incense the smoke comes out the chimney and it's just about the coziest thing to see in the winter.

She figures many Citrus Countians are driving to her farm to get a tree due to the market.

Perhaps more than any other holiday, the primary goal in winter is to bring the outdoors inside. Once they do catch though, they burn well. Then there are those days where I learn something during the course of the show.

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