Survival Game Fade to Silence Announced at The Game Awards (Developing)

Game Awards 2017 Metro Exodus gameplay trailer release date rumours and more

4A GAMES Game Awards 2017 Metro Exodus gameplay trailer release date rumours and more

Set to be announced during The Game Awards, the new game from THQ Nordic has been leaked through an early Steam store listing discovered by lashman on Twitter.

The latest title made its grand debut at this year's Game Awards and the show has been pretty stellar so far!

In FADE TO SILENCE, you explore a post-apocalyptic, frozen wasteland. The company stressed that the game's weather system will play a major role in its gameplay. Players will assume control of Ash, a "natural but tormented leader" forced to survive a harsh winter.

The Early Access release will introduce players to the game's more basic concepts, including collecting materials, upgrading equipment, building your camp, and defeating horrific supernatural creatures. In the search for survival materials, players must navigate a vast territory, in which they will encounter Eldritch monsters and an even greater foe: the unrelenting winter. The game's official description states: "While freezing temperatures constantly take their toll on the player Ash, the deadliest event is that of a blizzard".

Fade to Silence comes to Steam Early Access next week. Much of your survival will depend on how well you read weather patterns and whether you decide to seek shelter or press on. Developed by Black Forest Games, the studio behind Giana Sisters 2D, Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Fade to Silence is described by its developer as a "survival game that truly elevates the genre". "This telltale sign will tell you regions where it is good to hunt and regions where monsters are roaming".

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