Solo running for president of US Soccer Federation

Hope Solo Announces She Will be Running for US Soccer President in Facebook Post

Hope Solo to run for US soccer presidency

Hope Solo, fired by U.S. Soccer when playing for the U.S. women's national team, is now trying to lead the entire federation.

A spokesperson for Solo told's Grant Wahl she has the three letters of support from member organizations needed to run.

In a long essay about her decision to run, Solo detailed her roots as an underprivileged youth who couldn't afford the financial demands of the sport. The World Cup victor said she is inspired by her upbringing and her family not having the means "for me to play club or Olympic Development Program soccer", while also saying the problems with U.S. Soccer start at the youth level. That includes investing in youth development; pushing for equal pay for women; making youth soccer more accessible to all; and making finances more transparent.

Solo is the most decorated soccer player in US women's team history, holding national records for appearances, starts, wins and shutouts. Afterward, Solo called the Swedes "cowards" for their style of play. She recorded 103 shutouts in 202 global matches, making her the greatest women's goalkeeper of all time.

- She was arrested in June 2014 on two charges of fourth-degree domestic violence assault for allegedly striking her half-sister, Teresa L. Obert, and Obert's son in an early-morning altercation.

Former U.S. national team goalkeeper Hope Solo says she's running for president of U.S. Soccer.

"I know exactly what U.S. Soccer needs to do, I know exactly how to do it, and I possess the fortitude to get it done".

- The last straw was when she said the US "played a bunch of cowards", after it was ousted by Sweden in a shootout from the Rio Olympics. "The business strategy at U.S. Soccer can not continue to be profit before progress".

Solo has been active on labor issues and part of the group of players who filed a wage discrimination suit against U.S. Soccer with the EEOC.

The other U.S. Soccer presidential candidates are (in alphabetical order): Paul Caligiuri, Kathy Carter, Carlos Cordeiro, Steve Gans, Paul Lapointe, Kyle Martino, Michael Winograd and Eric Wynalda.

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