Randy Travis 2012 DUI video released by DPS

Randy Travis DWI Naked Arrest Vid Released

Randy Travis Arrest Video Released: 'Randy Will Never Condone These Actions'

Country music superstar singer Randy Travis' arrest for driving while intoxicated in August 2012 didn't end with the singer's guilty plea and sentence 200 hours of community service and 24 months of community supervision. However, it wasn't your typical arrest - he was naked at the scene and became combative with police, saying things like he wanted to shoot the officers who had arrested him and wished that they would get cancer.

Randy Travis has issued a statement about his arrest for driving under the influence in 2012.

In August 2012, Travis was found naked and verbally combative after crashing his auto just west of Tioga, Texas.

The lawsuit said the footage, which according to legal records show him nude and disorientated and making threats to the officers, were highly embarrassing and intimate and inappropriate to release in light of the fact that Travis "can no longer speak cogently and is not even in the position to discuss, let alone defend, his previous actions".

The appeal went wound its way through Texas courts, and after losing at the Texas Supreme Court, Travis legal team went to federal court asking for an injunction to keep the video private.

Travis declined when paramedics offered to take him to the hospital. "He suffered a severe concussion and sustained numerous other injuries from the crash". Travis filed a lawsuit in September to block the video from being released but a judge ruled the video did not violate his right to privacy.

"Randy Travis is well-known to be a loving, caring person who is respectful of everyone, a video that shows anything otherwise only underscores that he was absolutely not himself." the statement said. Randy is deeply apologetic for his actions that evening.

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