Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek to be Rated R

Report: Quentin Tarantino's STAR TREK Will Be R-Rated AF

Quentin Tarantino's F–king 'Star Trek' Movie Will Be Rated R

If you've been following the movie news in the past few days, you've probably heard about the utterly weird tale of the JJ Abrams-produced and Quentin Tarantino-involved Star Trek movie, which went from idle fanboy dream to on the studio fast-track in the span of about three days.

Rumors spread earlier this week that legendary director Quentin Tarantino would meet with Trek film producer J.J. Abrams to discuss helming the franchise's next big-screen adventure. Well, Deadline has some more juicy details regarding the progress of the film.

Tarantino reportedly sat down for hours in the writers room with fellow scribes Mark L. Smith, Lindsey Beer, and Drew Pearce to hammer out details on the new film, as Tarantino made it known that the R-rating was a top priority for him.

Momoa in an Aquaman first look. Yeah this is fine. This will
Momoa in an Aquaman first look. Yeah this is fine. This will

The first and most important piece of information: The planned film will be rated R, which we can only imagine is a significantly easier sell to the studio after the heavy success of films like Deadpool and Logan, which took their nerdy and childish pedigree and crafted successful adult-appealing takes on the material. While Tarantino hasn't been confirmed as the Star Trek director, we may just see him journey to the final frontier if everything pans out.

That idea would then be written by someone and hopefully directed by Tarantino himself. The second installment, Star Trek Into Darkness, earned more than $460 million worldwide when it opened in May 2013. I have never seen an R rated Star Trek film or TV show before.

Movie studios typically see R ratings as a drag on ticket sales because they exclude teenagers, which is why movies in tent pole franchises like "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" are nearly universally rated PG or PG-13. His next film, which is set around the Charles Manson murders, is set at Sony and was given an August 2019 release date, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the murder of Sharon Tate and four others on August 9, 1969. Let us know in the comments.

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