Man 'Cements Microwave To His Head' In Wolverhampton

A man with his head stuck inside a microwave

A man with his head stuck inside a microwave

A YouTube prankster in the United Kingdom had to be freed by firefighters after cementing his head with Polyfilla inside a microwave oven, Zululand Observer reports.

SNAPS of a dozy prankster who cemented his own head inside a microwave have gone viral. Their intention was to use the microwave as a mold.

Watch Commander Shaun Dakin said: "As amusing as this sounds, this young man could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured".

According to BBC, the West Midlands Fire Service were called to a house in Wolverhampton after the prankster's prank went a bit too far.

Swinger's ordeal left Twitter audience baffled and amused, with people cracking jokes and wondering how the prankster came up with this idea in the first place.

The West Midlands Fire Service were upset and criticized the 22-year-old for his actions.

Others however pointed out that Swinger basically forced the responders to devote precious time and resources to rescue him from a rather stupid, albeit risky, predicament which could've been easily avoided in the first place. "The mixture quickly set hard and, by the time we were called, they'd already been trying to free him for an hour and a half", Dakin confirmed, RNZ reported.

"Taking the microwave apart was tricky, because a lot of it was welded", Dakin said.

The firefighters consulted their technical rescue colleagues who guided them to carefully remove the Polyfilla around the young man's head using a screwdriver.

Firefighters eventually managed to free him after an hour. The firefighters prioritized removing a chunk near his face in order for him to breathe more easily.

Dakin said that while all those involved were very apologetic, but the situation was one which could have prevented them from helping someone in genuine, accidental need.

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