LG V30 Signature Edition Launched in Korea, Costs Nearly $2000

Signature Edition

LG to release premium Signature smartphone

Following in the footsteps of Chinese vendors including OnePlus and Xiaomi, LG has unveiled the Signature Edition as its limited edition model exclusively for the customers in South Korea.

The biggest difference between the two handsets is the Signature Edition's use of premium materials, such as the scratch-reducing zirconium ceramic back cover.

This marks the first time LG has used its Signature brand for a smartphone.

It features a 6-inch wide OLED screen with a minimal bezel and has a memory capacity of 256 GB. There are 6GB RAM and 256GB onboard storage and a dual-camera setup with a wide-angle lens. Perhaps as a bit of a surprise, the smartphone will make its debut with Android 8.0 Oreo, which is now not available as an official release for LG's other handsets. LG is making only 300 units and will start selling them later this month for KRW2 million - about $1,800. The Signature edition will also ship with Android Oreo right out of the box.

The LG Signature Edition, which is really just a tweaked V30, combines what's essentially the best 2017 specs and a couple high-end options not yet common in smartphones. The company is also bundling a special after-sales service and a B & Q wired earphone and a B & O Bluetooth headset. As of now, this device will ship in white and black color options.

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