Justice League performance leads to huge DC restructure at Warner Bros

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Studio executives Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will no longer lead Warner's DC Comics films, a year after they were put in charge of the franchise.

Suicide Squad has reportedly made $745.6 million worldwide and it's looking like Justice League will at least pull close to that number over time.

It sounds like Warner Bros. may need a whole separate disc containing Deleted Scenes when it comes to the Bonus Material that could be included in the Blu-ray release of the "Justice League" movie. Berg is stepping down from his role to become a production partner with The Lego Movie and It producer Roy Lee.

"This is something that Jon approached me about six months ago, and he expressed his goal was to ultimately be a producer at the studio", Warner Bros. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich, this shift in personnel isn't entirely a reaction to the disappointing numbers from Justice League. "I first met Jon when, as a producer, he brought "Elf" to New Line, which remains one of the best and most evergreen titles in the library".

Johns will remain chief creative officer for DC, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing private information.

Naturally, hearing this from Hecker will only increase fans' desires for a Snyder cut, which could result in Warner Bros. putting out a new version of the film down the line.

As of this writing, "Justice League" continues to be a box-office disappointment at the domestic box-office as, three weeks after the movie was released, it has only earned $200,264,849 based on the records of Box-Office Mojo.

Berg, who ran point on DC movies and was credited as a producer on "Justice League", has been an executive at the studio for about a decade.

According to a statement from Warner Bros.

Elsewhere in the DCEU, though, there's certainly room to explore the more naturally dark and disturbing corners of DC Comics, to perhaps lower the budget a little and grant a few talented filmmakers a shot at crafting some truly adult superhero movies. The studio is "still developing a standalone Flash feature".

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